Blog for Dr. David Stuart of the University of Texas at Austin.
He is the worlds leading authority on Mayan glyph decipherment.

Order his books here:

This excellent book is one of the "official" guidebooks at the National Museum Of Anthropology in Mexico City where the actual 12-ton Aztec Calendar Stone is displayed.

This is the website for the "Aztec Calendar Handbook," a superb Aztec-calendar reference book co-authored by the-late DR. RANDALL C. JIMENEZ and Richard Graeber.

This is one of those 'must-have' reference books if one is really into Mayan-Aztec 260-day calendars.

"This new book is not only the Ultimate Guide to the Aztec Calendar, it is the only guide that goes into this degree of depth and scope of what the Mexican culture is all about."
Gerald Rodriguez, Education Director
Mexican Heritage Corporation

"This is truly a monumental effort to reduce a vast and complicated history into a simple, clear explanation…an authoritative introduction to the Aztec Calendar.  It is appropriate for children and adults."
Jeff Paul, Director
Chicano Studies Library & Multicultural Center, SJSU

"This is a study that anyone who claims any Native American ancestry must look at.  The presentation is outstanding."
Dr. Cecil Orozco, Historian, Author, Educator
University of California, Fresno

The exact moment the Moon is passing 'directly overhead' usually indicates the most emotional time of each day.

Knowing the exact time when the Moon is "Meridian Passing" or directly over your location is important.

Time and Date is a website to find this information.

Just type in your location in the search bar.

Website for the-late DR. DAVID R. HAWKINS, who researched and developed a 'Map of Consciousness'.

He had the largest psychiatric practice in the USA based in New York city in the 1960's.

Buy his 'Map of Consciousness' chart, his books and media here.

Here is the link to over 200 short videos on YouTube featuring the teachings of Dr. David R. Hawkins that will auto-play.

Richard says that videos 8 to 13 are a 6-part serie of one workshop that are the mot important videos on the internet today!

Sir David R. Hawkins, M.D., Ph.D., an internationally renowned spiritual teacher, psychiatrist, physician, researcher, lecturer and developer of the widely-known Map of Consciousness®.

He had the largest psychiatric practice in the USA based in New York city in the 1960's.

by Robert Gass & On Wings Of Song

Listen to one of the worlds most powerful highest calibrated spiritual songs as "clinically provern" by DR. DAVID R. HAWKINS.

This is one of the songs that DR. HAWKINS loved to play at his lectures; very angelic and devotional.

The Meru Project has discovered an extraordinary and unexpected geometric metaphor in the letter-sequence of the Hebrew text of Genesis that underlies and is held in common by the spiritual traditions of the ancient world.

This metaphor models embryonic growth and self-organization. It applies to all whole systems, including those as seemingly diverse as meditational practices and the mathematics fundamental to physics and cosmology.

Meru Project findings demonstrate that the relationship between physical theory and consciousness, expressed in explicit geometric metaphor, was understood and developed several thousand years ago.

Watch this short 4-minute CBS News story from Los Angeles, on the doctor who teaches special needs kids how to synchronize their brain hemispheres using the simple "SuperBrain Yoga" exercise. Helps autistic and downs syndrome people immediately.

How to synchronize the two hemispheres of the brain has been the 'Holy Grail' goal of brain research.

This 3-minute yoga exercise has been proven to do it.

HERE IS HOW YOU DO "Super Brain Yoga"

With your LEFT-hand thumb and index finger lightly pinch the RIGHT lower-earlobe, thumb behind the lobe and index in front.

With your RIGHT-hand thumb and index finger lightly pinch the LEFT lower-earlobe, thumb behind the lobe and index in front.

Next, touch the TIP of your tongue to the roof of the inside of your mouth and breath through your mouth

Begin to bend your knees and squat DOWN slowly and comfortably while INHALING, then stand back UP while EXHALING. 

Now repeat this squatting down-and-up over and over again at a comfortable pace for just 2-3 MINUTES.

That is all one does.

Within 15 minutes the brain hemispheres synchronize.

Learn your current biorhythms within seconds for free.

First, this website illustrates what $10,000 looks like; then next, is a Million dollars, which can fit in a grocery bag; next up, is a Billion bucks which needs a truck; and finally, see what a Trillion dollars looks like.

"Shakspeare and Sir Walter Raleigh" by Henry Pemberton.

First published in 1914.

This is THE research book that slam dunk proves that all the Great Bard plays were actually written by Sir Walter Raleigh.

Read the full volumn, right now online, FREE on Google Books. 

The real life of the stage manager and actor 'William Shakes' was, by most accounts, one of a low life drunk who only socialized with lower class actors, and his children were illiterate. There is NO mention of William in ALL the private family papers and records of the most important nobility in England at that time. Why? Read this book and discover that the real-life FACTS in the life of Sir Walter are written into his plays.

"To Be" a playwright in the late-1500's was considered shameful to the upper-clas nobility. So "Shake-speare" was a 'pen-name', indicated in those days by the use of a hyphen, so to hide the identity of the author. And the famous hyphenated pen name "Shake-speare" is found on the first-page of "Hamlet" in 1603.

The real life documented events in the royal life of Sir Walter Raleigh are found scattered all through HIS plays, as proven in this fine book.